Be Better Prepared for the Fall Crush in our Classrooms

Be tech savvy to better navigate our classrooms when campus traffic spikes.

Crowds of people walking through the MN State Fair

Undergraduates are moving back to campus. Med school, dentistry, and pharmacy students have already started classes. This means our classrooms will soon be full and our technologists will be busy helping other users.

It's not quite to the same level as the crowds at the Minnesota State Fair, but it can feel just as busy.

Know Classroom Schedules

Health science students can study in our empty classrooms when not scheduled for a course or event. Arrive to class early or stay late and study in our spaces. We post calendars next to our classroom doors. Visit our classroom calendars online to plan ahead of time if a room is open. 

Download Solstice Software Before Arriving to the Classroom

We have wireless screen sharing in all our spaces. Go to to download the latest version of Mersive Solstice so that your laptop or mobile device can cast content to the screens in our rooms and public areas.

Solstice Splash Screen on our Podium Monitor

First time users, after installing the software, use the IP address of the Solstice display you want to connect to. It looks like and is found near the top right corner of the screen. After you've connected for the first time, your app will show you a list of all the Solstice displays nearby.

MacOS users need to make sure they enable Screen Recording for Solstice in their System Preferences.

HSEC & PWB Doors auto-lock at 10pm (5pm on HSEC 4th)

Please make sure you clean up after yourselves before leaving our classroom. Take all your belongings and put the furniture back the way you found them so the room is ready for the next users. Our classroom doors automatically lock at 10pm (5pm on HSEC 4th floor).

Calendar posted on a window of a PWB classroom