Five Useful & Easy Classroom Tips

We provide immediate in-person assistance. We can help remotely to expedite a fix. And we provide training so that classroom users can run the classroom AV themselves.

These are a few tips and tricks to help you get your semester started off great in one of our classrooms.

Tip #1: Know what kind of cable can plug into your laptop or tablet.

A student tech helps an instructor with a cable

You will need your own adapters if your laptop cannot connect to HDMI, such as an HDMI-to-USB C cable.

Tip #2: Make sure your laptop or tablet can connect to the eduroam wifi.

To send your presentation from your device wirelessly to our displays, and to have the best Screen Share experience in a Zoom session, the Eduroam WiFi network is best. Log in with your full email address and your U password.

Student staff examines an under table AV rack.

Tip #3: Call the tech help line for immediate assistance from a classroom phone.

All our classrooms have help phones for dialing 6-7800, option 1 to get help in 5 minutes. Don't wait until the end of class to report an issue. We don't want our classroom users to suffer through an AV glitch. Most of the time, the fix just takes a couple minutes.

Tip #4: Schedule an AV consult to prepare for your teaching needs.

Email us at [email protected] a couple weeks before your classroom use so that we can help you figure out what tools and processes would help you be successful with your teaching and learning activites. 

Tip #5: Use this website to your advantage

Have questions and concerns scheduling a classroom, click the Scheduling tab above. The Classroom tab lists all 81 of our classrooms, searchable by their features. And you can read up on our classroom policies, scheduling protocols, and study space use.

We hope you have a great semester.

Box of donuts surrounded by AV equipment and a whiteboard of classroom names