Help Keep Our Classrooms Clean and Ready for All Room Users

Fall semester is in full swing, and that means our classrooms are in regular use. Do your part to keep them clean and ready for teaching and learning.

Overflowing office trash bin in a classroom

There are trash bins inside the classroom for your needs. But please put food trash in the larger bins out in the hallways.

Our public trash has paper recycling, plastics/cans recycling, organic compostable, and landfill trash. Please do your part and sort your trash. It only takes a few extra seconds.

Room Users sort their compost and trash after an event

Many of our classrooms have tables and chairs you can rearrange to suit your needs. Please remember it's your responsibility to put them back the way you found them for the next room user.

When studying in a room that has an open schedule, share the space. Our rooms can accommodate multiple groups of students studying for different courses.

It was great seeing many of you during the Health Sciences Education Center's Open House event on Sept. 22. Connecting with students and hearing about how you use our classrooms and our AV systems help us better understand how to ensure our rooms meet your needs. 

Nursing students meet with HSCS during the HSEC Open House on 9/22


September 29, 2022