Important Zoom Settings and Behaviors in HS Classrooms

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Zoom Menu Allowing Join Before Host

Our classrooms are powerful tools for your Zooms. Here are a few things you need to do to be successful.

do not use the Zoom desktop app on our room pc

In a classroom where you use our Room PC in the podium to host your Zoom, launch your session from or Multiple instructors user our Room PCs, which will lead to someone accidentally staying logged into the app after leaving a meeting. This is true in Mayo 3-125, Jackson 2-137, Moos 2-530, 2-620, 2-690, and HSEC 3-110.

Tech staff assists instructor at the podium

In a Zoom Room (such as HSEC 4-101, NHH 2-101, or PWB 2-350) or a Videoconference Classroom (such as Moos 1-450 or HSEC 2-110), the classroom will join your Zoom session as a participant, by default. It will not be a host or co-host unless designated AFTER it enters the meeting.

This means you have to do one of these things below for our classroom to be able to enter your Zoom session.

Option 1: Bring your laptop to host the zoom

You can start your Zoom from your laptop as the host. Do not join with Computer Audio. Then, join the Zoom via our Zoom Room or Videoconference touch panel. This means there will be two devices in the Zoom that you control -- our Zoom Room/Videoconference Unit and your laptop.

By being the host, you can use Chat, manage Breakout Rooms, start Polls, and start/stop recordings. Participants can freely join your Zoom (or your Waiting Room). And you can give participants such as our classroom AV permission to share their screen.

Option 2: Do not bring a laptop and rely entirely on the av system

You might just want to bring a flash drive to share content from our Room PC. Or maybe the speaker will be remote. You have to join the Zoom via our Zoom Room or Videoconference unit so that the classrooms' mics and cameras are available. Here are Zoom settings you'll have to enable in your profile to make this successful.

Enable this setting: "Join Before Host 15 minutes Before Start"

This allows our Zoom Room or Videoconference Room to join your session without a host. However, the 15-minute limit ensures that your meeting isn't open to non-authorized users at any hour of the day.

  • Log into and click Settings. You are about to change a global setting.
  • Under the Schedule heading, find "Enable Join Before Host." Click to Enable.
  • Below that, check the box to set a time limit and choose 15 minutes.
  • For all future meetings, you will have the option of allowing Join Before Host 15 mins." For previously scheduled yet upcoming meetings, you will have to edit the meeting to add that option. 
Know your Host Code

By knowing your host code, you will be able to take host controls from inside our Zoom Room or Videoconference classroom without joining the meeting on a separate laptop. You will be able to allow Screen Sharing (if you've locked it to host only), allow recordings, and Mute Participants, when needed.

  • Log into
  • Click Profile.
  • Scroll down to Host Code and click the eyelid symbol to reveal the 6-digits. 
  • Do not share your host code. 
Enable Screen Share to All Participants

Many people have Screen Share for Host only. That means in our Zoom Rooms and Videoconference Classrooms, when you use our Room PC or plug your laptop in or use our document camera, none of that will be shared to Zoom. You will have to join the Zoom from your laptop as the host and share wirelessly.

The advantage of our full-featured classrooms is that you can swap devices by one tap of a button and not have to manage different devices joining or leaving Zoom. So, if you don't want to have to join on a separate laptop, you should turn on screen sharing for all participants.

  • Log into
  • Click Settings.
  • Under the heading In Meeting (Basic), and find Share Content
  • Click All Participants.
Zoom Settings Menu showing Screen Share Options

Remember to send us your Zoom connection info so that we can pre-program our Zoom Rooms and Videoconference Rooms with your sessions. It will make joining a meeting a two-button action. Of course, you can always manually connect to any Zoom from these rooms. Check out this page for instructions on specific classrooms.

Send us questions or ask us for an AV Orientation before your first session at [email protected]

February 1, 2022