Submit your AV Needs Requests Before Aug. 26

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Students in one classroom while connected

Fall semester course preparation includes submitting your AV Needs Request to Health Sciences Classroom Services before Aug. 26.

If you need automated classroom recording for your once/twice/thrice-weekly course,  submit the form. We will program our recorders to auto start/stop/publish to your Mediaspace.

If you are teaching a hyflex course via Zoom, submit the form. We will program our touch panels to list your event.

If your course is in the 7th floor classroom and you need display carts, submit the form. We have 32 available. 

If you need an extra mic for a guest lecturer, submit the form. We can install one extra mic in a classroom.

And if you need a refresher on how our technology works, submit the form. We're happy to lead one-on-one or group AV orientations of our classrooms.

The sooner we have these details, the better prepared we'll be for your course.

Students in one classroom work as a group while connected to students in a remote classroom


July 19, 2022