Tips on Study Spaces

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students studying in open spaces

Our classrooms are available as open study space when they're not scheduled during University Hours. Here are tips to help you have a successful experience in the classrooms in HSEC and the new portions of PWB.

Students studying in classrooms and public spaces

When not scheduled, HSEC fourth floor classrooms are open to anyone at UMN from 6:30 am to 5 pm weekdays. HSEC 4-101, 4-103, 4-105, 4-107, 4-191, and 4-193 auto-lock at 5pm. 

HSEC 7-150 and 7-152 auto-lock 30 minutes after their last scheduled use.

All other classrooms in HSEC and the new portion of PWB are open to anyone at UMN from 6:30 am to 7 pm weekdays. HSEC 2-101A/B, 2-110, 2-132, 2-138, 5-191, 5-193, PWB 2-350, 2-360, 2-362, 2-364, 2-366, 3-102, 3-150, 3-152, 3-154, and 3-156 auto-lock at 7pm. 

When locked, these spaces are available only to health sciences students who have been given UCard access. University Hours ends at 10 pm, after which all students must vacate our classrooms.

Health sciences students may request UCard access to our rooms via these links, below:

Our classrooms have to be ready for teaching and learning at all times. Please remember:

  1. Clean up after yourselves.
  2. Use the AV system appropriately.
  3. Turn off the AV system.
  4. Do not prop the doors open.
  5. Do not leave anything behind.
  6. Let UMN staff do their cleaning or maintenance duties when they come by.
  7. Return tables and chairs to their original layout.

For more info, check out our Study Spaces page

March 31, 2022