Zoom Rooms' New Look

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New Menu Look for Zoom Room Touch Panel

The touch panel controls for our Zoom Rooms in HSEC and PWB just got a make-over. The blue motif was so 2021. Check out the new sparkly clean white motif that's brand new as of Jan 6, 2022. 

Images of the old menu screen versus the new one

Of course, this means the button layout has changed. But no worries. Our Zoom Rooms function just like before. You can stil easily share content wirelessly, hold discussions in gallery view, record to the cloud, participate in chat, and run breakout rooms.

The best part about this change is that it's now more obvious when a Zoom session is scheduled to our rooms. It's the first thing you see near the top left. You no longer have to tap Meeting List.

Send us your Zoom connection info if you will use one of our Zoom Rooms so that we can program our touch panel. Email [email protected]. Remember to configure your Zooms as follows:

  • Log in to zoom.umn.edu.
  • Click Settings, Scroll to Schedule Meeting, and Enable Join Before Host and set a time for 10 minutes before.
    Zoom Settings to allow participants to share
  • Click Settings, Scroll to In Meeting Basic, and under Share Screen, Select "All Participants."
Zoom Settings to allow join before host 10 mins

We've updated our online instruction set here. Please review before the start of your next session.

We have very little control over the updates Zoom sends out to our devices. If you have any feedback or would like to schedule another AV Orientation, email us at [email protected].

And remember, when in doubt, call us out ... at 6-7800 option 1 on the classroom phone. A tech will respond within five minutes. 

Student tech in the office

January 10, 2022