Classroom Use Policies

Active learning classroom in HSEC

UMN Policy Library - It is expected that all UMN Policies are followed in HSCS spaces. Certain policies may be called out on this page as they relate to the scheduled activities, however, this page does not reflect a complete list of UMN Policies. For more information, please review the applicable policies within the UMN Policy Library.

Student Conduct Code - All students are expected to follow the Student Conduct Code and Student Group Policies whether or not the University is in session. Any students engaging in prohibited behaviors outlined in Section IV of the Student Conduct Code (e.g., Property Damage, Disruption of Academic Environment) will be reported to University officials and/or officers of the law as applicable for appropriate disciplinary actions.

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Classroom Use Restrictions

Under no circumstances is furniture or other property to be removed from or brought into a classroom from another space. Any changes to furniture configurations within a classroom should be reset before the end of the room's reservation.

Instructors, teaching assistants, or graduate students who have access to locked equipment for academic classes are not authorized to access the locked equipment for events.

Existing technology or systems within classrooms may not be opened or modified in any way.

Laptops/notebooks or other computing devices connected to University networks in classrooms must adhere to University policies including DHCP registration and security requirements.

Lab Activities (e.g., chemicals, organ dissection) which may cause unnecessary damage or require extensive cleaning beyond the Maroon Standard Routine Services are prohibited in HSCS spaces. 

Classroom use is restricted to University Personnel with U-Card access following pre-programmed lock schedules (Lock times posted within classrooms). Under no circumstances should room users prop doors for bypassing room schedules or grant access to unauthorized personnel.

When NOT scheduled via Astra, HSCS classrooms are available as a SHARED study space for students. Room users who do not have a reservation do not have the right to exclude other University Personnel from using the space. Any occupants of the space conducting activities deemed inappropriate by HSCS staff (e.g., sleeping, modifying furniture/technology) will be told to stop such activities and/or leave the space.

Windows in classrooms are not to be covered at any time unless the room is equipped with adjustable shades. Room users found to be covering windows will be asked to leave and may have classroom access revoked.

All belongings and waste generated by individuals (see HSCS Food & Beverage Policy) should be removed from the classroom upon leaving. Individuals who leave belongings in classrooms after the doors have locked will not be granted access to retrieve their belongings until the following unlock schedule. 

Signage for courses and events are not to be posted in place of the official HSCS Room Schedule. Any promotional/wayfinding signage within the classroom and/or building should be removed immediately following the scheduled programming. Any adhesives used to post signs should be appropriate for the surface to ensure facilities are not damaged.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

All members of the University community must comply with the University PHI Policy. PHI should not be recorded or broadcast within HSCS space at any time. HSCS will not be responsible for breaches in policy, but if a HSCS staff member is made aware of shared PHI not authorized by the individual whose PHI is involved, they are required to report violations to the Health Information Privacy and Compliance Office (HIPCO) in compliance with this policy.

Food, Beverages, and Catering

Food & Beverages are allowed in HSCS spaces, but it is the responsibility of the room user to ensure that all food waste is properly removed and the space has been cleaned/sanitized for the next user. Any food and beverage brought into an HSCS space should be in compliance with the University Food Safety Policy and obtain any applicable Food Permit(s). HSCS does not approve/collect food permits. For more more information please follow the above links. For information pertaining to alcoholic beverages, see the Alcohol & Tobacco Policy on this page.

For groups generating a large amount of food waste, services should be coordinated through FM After Hours & Special Events Form. Please Note - the form submission does not relieve responsibility for cleaning/sanitizing the space following the use.

Student Group Use of Classrooms

Students may reserve HSCS space exclusively for official Campus Life Program (CLP) or Registered Student Organization (RSO) activities. All CLP and RSO activities must comply with the Student Unions & Activities (SUA) Student Group Policies. For students submitting requests, the following rules apply:

  • Students who submit requests must be listed as an officer of the CLP or RSO in GopherLink.
  • Per HSCS Scheduling Protocols, requests from registered student groups will be prioritized based on their Health Professional designation. If classrooms are available and there are no competing requests, requests by student groups without the Health Professional designation will be processed.
  • RSOs requesting space that holds a capacity of 100+ or conducting activities specified by SUA and Office of Risk Management will be required to sign a Facility Use Agreement and provide a Certificate of Insurance. For more information on specified activities and insurance coverage requirements, please review the Insurance section of the SUA Student Group Policies.
  • Each student organization will be allowed to reserve classrooms for a maximum of 8 hours per week. If multiple classrooms are required simultaneously, each room will count toward this total individually. This is to ensure that all classrooms are equitably available for use by other student organizations and study groups. 

Public Spaces

HSCS does not restrict access or reserve public spaces for courses and/or events. Activities conducted in public spaces are not to interfere with scheduled programming in adjacent classrooms. Activities must be in compliance with all University policies, and should be considerate of maximum occupancy and fire code restrictions. 

The SUA-managed info tables in HSEC, Moos, and PWB are currently schedulable through the St. Paul Student Center. To reserve a table, requests can be directed to [email protected].

After Hours Scheduling Policy

HSCS spaces remain locked on weekends with limited operations staffing from Facilities Management (FM). Events may be scheduled following the submission and approval of the FM After Hours & Special Events Form. This form is not to be submitted until a room assignment has been confirmed by HSCS. Fees may be assessed by FM to cover additional costs generated by classroom use. For more information, please review the FM webpage.

HSCS is responsible for coordinating access to the classrooms during after hours events. The Event Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that attendees have access to University buildings. 

HSCS does not provide staffing support for weekend use. If assistance is required, event coordinators should communicate with HSCS technologists immediately following the reservation confirmation to receive technology instruction. If on-site support is required on the day of the reservation, HSCS can recommend an external vendor to accommodate this need.

Major Events Policy

All event requests will be subject to the University's Major Events Policy. Event coordinators may be asked to submit a Major Events Proposal following the initial request for HSCS space. If a major events proposal is required, the request will be kept in pending status until the major events proposal is approved.

Animals in Classrooms

Animals are permitted in HSCS spaces so long as compliance with the University Animals on Campus Policy is maintained. Any Course/Event involving Animals will be required to submit the FM After Hours & Special Events Form. Measures should be taken to prevent damages or extensive cleaning (beyond the Maroon Standard Routine Services). Any costs associated with additional cleaning services and/or repairs will be covered by the room user, and future requests from the user may require a deposit. On all room requests, HSCS reserves the right to assign the most appropriate room for the specified activities. A room's availability does not guarantee the ability to host animals in that room.

Alcohol & Tobacco Policy

All University functions and personnel must remain in compliance with the Alcoholic Beverages on Campus Policy. Events serving Alcohol are permitted in HSCS space pending approval from the Office of Risk Management in compliance with the University Alcoholic Beverage Sales and Service, and Venue Liquor Licensing Policy. Any event serving alcohol will remain in a pending status until proof of Risk Management approval is provided to HSCS.

Per the University's Smoke-and-Tobacco-Free Policy,  All students, staff, faculty, and visitors are prohibited from smoking and using, selling, free distributing, and advertising tobacco products and electronic cigarettes in all facilities and on all University property. If the requested event meets the requirements for an exception, HSCS reserves the right to place the event in spaces that minimize the impacts to University students, staff, faculty, and facilities/equipment. 

Safety of Minors

If there will be minors at your event, you must comply with the University's Safety of Minors policy. For a summary of responsibilities under this policy, please see the Safety of Minors Registration Grid. If applicable, an addendum to your Use Lease agreement may be required.