Mini Medical School

Scheduling Instructions

  1. Find which health sciences classrooms fit your event's technology and capacity needs.
  2. View room availability via the Astra Scheduling Grid.
  3. Submit an event request through the Astra Scheduling Grid.
    - You will need to log in with your x.500 information to submit an event request in Astra.
    - Watch the Astra Schedule tutorial video for assistance.
    - If you do not have an x.500 login, send an email to [email protected]
    - Submit requests for events no less than 2 business days before the event.
  4. Once an event has been requested, you will receive an email confirmation of the request. When the room has been scheduled, a second confirmation email that includes the room assignment will be sent to you.

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Technology and Support Requests

If the event requires distance technology or support staff, specify this in the notes field. An email will be sent to you requesting further information. To help ensure staff coverage, requests must be received two weeks in advance of the event.

Astra Schedule

Astra Schedule is the software used to reserve general purpose and departmental classroom space for events and courses throughout the University of Minnesota campus system.

Scheduling Policies and Protocols

Classroom Use Fees

Health Sciences Classroom Services (HSCS) departmental classrooms are provided at no charge for University of Minnesota academic programs, courses, and academic seminars. University department sponsored events are also considered internal university activity and classroom use fees do not apply.

External (non-University) groups will be assessed a daily use fee based on room location and capacity:


Room Capacity Daily Lease Rates
1 - 63 $200
64 - 127 $300
128 - 209 $500
210+ $700
HSEC 7-150 & 7-152 $700 for 1-5 hours plus $100/hr each additional hour


All Other Locations

Room Capacity Daily Lease Rate
1 - 60 $75
61 - 99 $150
100 - 249 $300
250+ $550


*Additional fees will apply for room configuration, set up/tear down and/or special equipment or technology provision.  These requests will be honored based on resources available.

**Additional custodial fees will be applied for non-University events taking place in Health Sciences classrooms.  Please see the Facilities Management event fee schedule webpage for more details. Custodial fee information will be provided in conjunction of your room confirmation.