Technology Support

3 student staff managing classrooms at stations in a control booth

Call 612-626-7800

Monday - Friday,  7:00am – 5:00pm       
For immediate Health Science classroom support, call our tech support line.      

If you reach voicemail during normal hours, press 0 to get routed to a cell phone.

Health Sciences Classroom Services provides standard services and by request services. Please note any “By Request” service needs to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the need. 

The services we provide are as follows:

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Standard Services

  • Remote technical assistance via phone or computer when possible
  • Immediate assistance connecting a laptop computer to the classroom’s displays and projectors
  • Rapid Technical Response - on-site technical support within 5-10 minutes, M - F, 7:00am - 5:00pm

By Request Services

  • AV Orientations to demonstrate and instruct on the use of AV equipment
  • Zoom Scheduling Support (for Zoom Rooms)
  • Zoom Facilitation Support
  • Classroom Recording Support
  • Additional Equipment Needs (as supplies are available)
  • Classroom Tours
  • Computer-Based Testing Support (limited support available - see Testing and Training below)

To request any of these service please complete the appropriate Additional AV Support Services form.

Services Not Provided

  • Dedicated onsite technical support for duration of activity (departmental responsibility - HSCS can recommend internal or external support options)
  • Furniture moves (expectation of user to return to standard layout)
  • Unscheduled Wall Partition move requests

Other Services

In addition to the services listed within our Service Menu, greater detail regarding specific services is available in the sections below. Health Sciences Classroom Services has also prepared a number of instructional guides to assist you with basic equipment operations within our classrooms.

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Please note that with any classroom recording, Health Sciences Classroom Services cannot record or broadcast any HIPAA or PHI content. Room users are required to agree to doing their part to prevent any inadvertent HIPAA violations.
Mediaspace allows course content to appear in Canvas pages for enrolled students. It also provides public links for departmental, non-course content that needs to be shared to a broader audience. Mediaspace is managed by OIT as a central UMN technology service.

All faculty and staff can request a Mediaspace recording and/or livestream. Make sure to log into to initiate your profile in that system.

We maintain many classrooms that can be programmed to automatically record to Mediaspace. Visit our classroom page to find one that suits your capacity needs (filter the features to see Classroom Recording and Mediaspace rooms). Recordings in classrooms without a built-in system may still be performed via Zoom.

Please submit a classroom recording request or AV orientation request if you wish to learn more about this service.

Testing & Training

In-Person Computer-Based Testing Technical Support

Schools administer tests and are responsible for providing  primary exam software technical support.

  • Tests are taken on students’ devices or on devices provided for by the school.
  • It is essential that schools regularly communicate to students the need to keep the device software up to date and especially to resolve browser or network issues with UMN IT ([email protected]) prior to the test date.
  • Schools should have a clear process for providing technical support to students on test day.
    • Primary support will be the school’s test administrators within the room
    • Secondary support may be department technical support
    • Other support plans may include paper copies of the test or maintaining a few loaner computing devices 
  • If tests require specific software or certifications, ensure backup devices are ready to go.
  • All testing accommodations requests are handled by the test administrators in conjunction with our classroom schedulers if it could impact space needs or duration of schedule.

Health Sciences Classroom Services is responsible for the classroom environment. We can assist with AV systems, cleanliness, seating, tables, temperature or lighting. Call 612-626-7800 for support between 7:00am and 5:00pm, M - F. Depending on capacity, HSCS can provide  emergency backup

  • Depending on capacity, HSCS can provide a backup laptop (PC) if these prior preparations fail to address a student’s ability to complete a test. Test administrators can call our tech support hotline at 612-626-7800 and we can usually provide it within a few minutes.
  • HSCS can assist with network issues. We will escalate network issues to OIT who is responsible for providing WiFi in HSCS classrooms. If a systemic network issue is suspected, call our hotline at 612-626-7800.

Alternative Computer Lab Spaces

UMN-IT maintains some computer labs around campus.

Event Staff

Health Sciences Classroom Services provides on-call troubleshooting support for events during standard support hours by calling 612-626-7800.

We are unable to provide dedicated onsite technical support for the duration of an activity during normal business hours. We recommend departments provide their own technical support to operate our classroom equipment if dedicated support is necessary. OIT offers a dedicated support service for University departments. Additionally, HSCS can provide external vendor options if desired.

If the event is outside of normal business hours, Health Sciences Classroom Services staff may be available to support this event at a cost pending staff availability.

Support for Non-HSCS Rooms

Health Sciences Classroom Services will provide technology assistance in any teaching space in the health sciences as time and staffing permits. This assistance includes:

  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Laptop connections to LCD projectors

We will repair or replace equipment only in HSCS-managed classrooms - Schools and Departments are responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment in departmentally scheduled space.